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Yorchestra is a non-residential holiday orchestra in Yorkshire for young musicians

Yorchestra is for musicians age 6–21 from pre-grade 1 to grade 8+

There are five different orchestras to ensure that players of all abilities have a great opportunity to have fun making music and new friends whether they have been learning their instrument for just six months or are Grade 8+.

Yorchestra Young Strings
String players aged 6 and 7 years old

Yorchestra 4
Players aged 8+
Learning instrument 6 months – Grade 1

Yorchestra 3
Players aged 8+
Grade 2-4

Yorchestra 2
Grade 4-6

Yorchestra 1
Grade 7+

Participants enjoy between 1 and 4 days of orchestral playing, sectionals, chamber music and workshops.

Yorchestra costs £50 per day (or £45/day if application received by ‘Early Bird’ date). Bursaries are available.

One of the amazing things about Yorchestra is the quantity and quality of our conductors and tutors so that players of all instruments receive the expert and specific tuition that they deserve – a fact that is reflected in the fact that 75% of our course fees are spent on tutor costs.
Due to the time given voluntarily by the management committee to run Yorchestra, we are able to keep our course fees at a lower level than would otherwise be the case; 94% of our income is accounted for by music staff pay and venue hire.  We have had a bit of catching up to do in terms of music staff pay to bring us into line with accepted pay levels which has necessitated a rise in course fees this time but we hope to be able to maintain these fees for a while.

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photo_1 (1)Generous boost to bursary fund

We are very grateful to The Rotary Club of York for their extremely generous donation of £1000 to our bursary fund as well as financial support for our publicity.

Further Yorchestra news updates and photos can be found on Yorchestra’s Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @yorchestra.

Summer Course

Congratulations to all our players on a great course and truly terrific concerts – everyone just keeps getting better and better!
It has been wonderful to see, not only orchestras getting to grips with music that they, at first, thought was impossible (!) but to hear stories of individuals making their own personal triumphs – whether it be mastering music that they never thought they would, playing with others for the 1st time, developing leadership skills, or learning to tie a tie for the 1st time!  The Y2 rendition of Edelweiss with Y1 swaying as they sang and the audience singing too is something that I’m sure that all of us there will remember for a long time.  Thanks to our staff – conductors, tutors and all our volunteers – parent helpers, committee and trustees – Yorchestra couldn’t happen without you!

Yorchestra has reached a cross-roads and we desperately need some new people to help on the committee.  If you might be interested please contact us at  Thank you.

Yorchestra takes place during the school holidays at Easter, Summer & Christmas

The next Yorchestra Course will take place in December 2016

December 1628th29th30th
Y1 ✓
Y2 ✓ ✓
Y3 ✓
Y4 ✓
YoYoStrings ✓ ✓

Dates of future courses may be found under ‘Courses’

Up and Coming Courses ▶︎
Please be aware that occasionally, music students from the University use some of the rooms for practice during Yorchestra Courses.