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These are some of the questions we are commonly asked regarding Yorchestra.  If you have other questions which are not answered here, please do contact us and we will do our best to assist.


Why can’t we take photographs or make a recording of our child’s concert?  It was a great experience, and we would love to have some kind of record of the event.

It is important that people do not take photographs or make video or audio recordings of any of our concerts for three main reasons:

  • it can be very distracting for players and conductors, and for other members of the audience
  • some players have asked not to be included in any photography, so it is essential that their wishes are respected
  • audio / video recordings may well represent a breach of copyright: although Yorchestra will have all necessary licences to give a live performance of copyright works included in the programme, those licences will not usually permit recording of any kind

From time to time, Yorchestra will employ an official photographer, who knows which players have given their consent for photography.  Photos are available on Facebook to download if you would like to take a look on the Yorchestra page.

We encourage you instead to sit back and enjoy the concert!


Have you considered making Yorchestra a residential course?

One of the wonderful and unusual things about Yorchestra is that it is non-residential.  This keeps the cost down and allows players and staff to be refreshed by taking a break overnight.  Non-residential courses are also less daunting for younger or shyer children, who might be put off by the prospect of staying away from home for several days.  Further, given that the administration is undertaken by volunteers, turning Yorchestra into a residential course is too big a task to be undertaken by the organisation as it presently stands.


Why doesn’t the concert include all the music that the orchestras cover in the course? My child was disappointed that they didn’t get to play some of the pieces they had rehearsed.

Many of our groups rehearse music that does not go into the final concert.  This is particularly the case in Y2, where the players usually take part in various workshops / smaller groupings, including windband, string orchestra, jazz and chamber groups.  Because of this, if we were to include all the music that is rehearsed during the course the concert would be very long indeed! The exact programme is not finalised until near the end of the course, and takes into account a range of factors, including the readiness of each piece and the length and balance of the programme, as well as the players’ preferences.


What happens if my child is unable to attend all or part of the course because of illness?

Unfortunately, because most of our overheads relate to fixed costs (venue hire and tutor fees) which have to be met regardless of the number of players who actually attend on any given day, we cannot provide a refund where a player is unable to attend part of the course owing to illness.  If a player misses the whole of the course as a result of illness, we will, where finances permit, issue a credit for a portion of the fees paid, which can be redeemed when booking for a future course.


What does my child need to bring along to Yorchestra?

Apart from your child’s instrument (the number 1 priority!), please bring the following:

  • a named music stand
  • a reasonably soft pencil (HB or softer) and a rubber, for making notes on sheet music
  • spare reeds (woodwind players), strings (string players) and any similar accessories (eg. valve oil / slide grease for brass players; cork grease for woodwind players)
  • spike protector (cellists)
  • where possible, a stool (double-bassists)
  • packed lunch, including a drink
  • any essential medication (eg. inhaler, for asthma)

Card games or similar are also useful for breaks / lunchtime.