Testimonials About Yorchestra

This is just a small selection of the enthusiastic feedback we regularly receive about Yorchestra from parents, players and staff.

I would like to thank you and all of the Yorchestra community for another fabulous Yorchestra 4 day. I am always so surprised and delighted by the transition from nervous, shy child to confident performer, in just a few hours.

I have been trying to persuade my daughter to join an orchestra for years with no success and she was on the verge of packing in altogether. However, she has enjoyed every minute of the course and is now really excited about playing. In fact she has even asked to join music centre. I am just delighted and really wanted to pass on a big thank you to all involved for providing such an amazing opportunity for the youngsters in York.

— Parent

This is a quick note to express our thanks to you and your team. Our daughter, B, took part in Y4 yesterday. It was her first time and she had a wonderful day!

— Parent of Y4 player, Summer 2019

I had a great time working with the young musicians and the tutors. Yorchestra clearly works extremely well.

— Conductor, Y2, Summer 2019

The course was impeccably organised: the schedule was demanding on players, but they rose to the challenge wonderfully, and the support given by the tutors invaluable. It was inspirational to see the members of the orchestra rise to the challenges posed by the repertoire with enthusiasm and wonderful musicianship, and the improvements made over four days staggering. It was an absolute pleasure to be involved with Yorchestra, and the end results were a credit to the performers, their families, the parent volunteers, the tutors and the wonderful behind-the-scenes organisers, without whom this couldn’t have happened.

— Conductor, Y1, Summer 2019

I love Yorchestra; it was my first orchestral experience and I strongly believe that I wouldn’t be part of National Youth Orchestra, City of Leeds Youth Orchestra and various other organisations if I hadn’t taken part back when I was 11 years old.

— Y1 player, Summer 2018

Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to you and the team for your immensely hard work for the 25th Anniversary concert yesterday. The result was an amazing, slick and well-organised event with such a buzz and so many happy children!! I was quite tearful when I saw 200 pupils all playing together! Quite an achievement and so impressive!

— Conductor, Y3, Summer 2017

The 25th anniversary course was a special occasion which I thoroughly enjoyed. The organising and the logistics were first-class. And a real pleasure to work alongside such a lovely team of music tutors and support team, who give so much encouragement and expertise to the young orchestra players.

It is such a thrill to experience, in the present climate of declining practical music education in schools, that in York the opposite seems to be happening, and in fact, going by the numbers attending the course, is on the increase. The presence of a high quality orchestral course in holiday times with very reasonable fees, is a huge bonus for the area. It is my passion to pass onto young musicians the joy, pleasure, anguish, excitement and life experiences that I have enjoyed over the years. And such a thrill to see so many parents supporting these life-changing opportunities that are available to their children.

— Conductor, Y2, Summer 2017

Well done to all involved with the 25th Anniversary concert. Yorchestra has always been one of the best run organisations I have ever worked for, and the goodwill invested reaped its reward on Saturday night with the experience everyone involved was able to give to the young and not so young people. They will remember that experience for a long time. Proud to be part of it!

— Tutor, Summer 2017

I was just stunned by last night’s concert. To think those kids walked in on Wednesday morning with just their talent and interest and to see the level of performance and musicianship on Saturday evening was truly moving. Please extend my thanks and congratulations to all those involved in the course and concert. It was SO impressive.

— Parent of Y2 player, Summer 2017

F enjoyed the day, despite being quite nervous just before the concert, and has said he definitely wants to come back next time and will encourage school friends to come too. He liked the trombone tutor very much and said he was very kind and encouraging.

— Parent of Y4 player, Easter 2016

L really enjoyed the course and gained a lot from it. He and I were both amazed at how much music was put in and creating the performance to such a high standard. He spoke highly of the staff and was very lucky to have his own personal harp tutor on the Thursday!! for which he felt very special.

What a wonderful event to hold during the holidays for the budding musicians!! It is also great to see such varied instruments as a lot of schools only offer brass and woodwind bands.

— Parent of Y3 player, Easter 2016

This is the third time I and S (violins) have been to Y3 Yorchestra and they love it – lovely for them to be among likeminded children especially when our primary school does not offer a string group/orchestra etc. Wonderful to see them making new friends that they are pleased to meet up with each holiday. When the girls first went to Yorchestra they were overwhelmed – S said to me it was like playing with a backing track! So a real experience for them that they wouldn’t get from school.

I and S have got a lot out of it and were delighted to be promoted to 1st violins this time around. Particular thanks to the violin tutor S – young, enthusiastic, inspiring, encouraging ………..a real inspiration so please pass on our particular thanks to her. She looked after our girls marvellously and I hope she will be at the Summer course.

— Parent of Y3 players, Easter 2016

M thoroughly enjoyed her day with Yorchestra. It has given her a reason to practise as she now wants to come back and do another Yorchestra day soon! Thank you very much! I thought they did really well and was really impressed that they had learned so many pieces by the end of one day.

— Parent of Y4 player, Easter 2016

Just to say a big thank you to you and all of the organisers and leaders on Saturday. H thoroughly enjoyed the day with all the variety of activities and the challenge of playing in a ‘big’ orchestra. She talked about it non-stop all the way home!

— Orchestra Experience Day parent

I thought I’d let you know how much my son enjoyed his first Yorchestra experience on Saturday. He wasn’t sure if he was going to enjoy it, particularly as he didn’t know who else might be there, but of course found some friends were there and his comment about the brass tutor, was that he was just the nicest person in the world! Thank you to you all and to the brass tutor, especially, for making it such an enjoyable day. O now definitely wants to do other Yorchestra courses and his younger brother does too, so mission well accomplished, I’d say!

— Orchestra Experience Day parent

I just wanted to say how wonderful they all sounded today. I couldn’t believe they were only Y3!

— Parent of Y3 player, Easter 2015

I would like to say how much we enjoyed the concert this afternoon in which my grandson was playing violin. The orchestra has improved tremendously so well done to all the staff…. and the children of course. We are looking forward to the summer concert.

— Grandparent of Y4 player, Easter 2015

Just to let you know that R thought that Yorchestra was ‘epic’ (apparently the highest accolade an 8 year old can give). The standard of the little concert was amazing. So thank you very much for mentioning it and he would love to do the summer one.

— Parent of Y4 player, Easter 2015

Thank you so much for today – C has really enjoyed her day with Y4. It has been super to attend the afternoon concert and hear the pieces which have been taught in just one day – all the children should be very proud of their achievement. The day was extremely well organised and having helped at morning break it was lovely to see the children happy and well looked after.

— Parent of Y4 player, Christmas 2014

B loved it despite being rather nervous this morning. He thought S (tutor) was a star. He is very keen to come again and doesn’t feel anything needs to be changed. Thanks for all your efforts.

— Parent of Y4 player, Christmas 2014

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all involved in this evening’s concert (and course) at the university. It really was amazing what they can achieve in just 3 days. I have been trying to persuade my daughter to join an orchestra for years with no success and she was on the verge of packing in altogether. However, she has enjoyed every minute of the course and is now really excited about playing. In fact she has even asked to join music centre. I am just delighted and really wanted to pass on a big thank you to all involved for providing such an amazing opportunity for the youngsters in York. The staff were great fun and she really could not believe how good it sounded. It has certainly ignited a passion for which I am extremely grateful.

— Parent of Y2 player, Christmas 2014

Just to say a big thank you for having me on the fabulous Y3 course. I thought it went really well and, as ever, the kids were brilliant and a lot of fun. We all agreed that we had a great team and that the children achieved loads in a very short time. I am already looking forward to Christmas!

— Conductor, Y3, Summer 2014

What a wonderful four days and a fabulously inspiring start to the new school year Yorchestra gave me!

— Tutor, Summer 2014

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed being part of the course. I thought it was an excellent few days and there was a good feeling throughout, both within the staff as well as from the students. It was very heartening to have a group of young and enthusiastic musicians who wanted to learn and progress and very rewarding when the result of their positive attitudes and hard work are so clear.

The course brought back many memories of when I was at this stage and feeling excited to be around and learning from experienced musicians. It was a good feeling to be on the other side and be able to pass on some of my experience alongside the other excellent tutors.

— Tutor, Summer 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed Yorchestra. Thank you so much. I found it a tremendously positive experience and tremendously rewarding. My section were superb and a pleasure to work with. … It was wonderful to watch them develop. Please thank all of the support staff involved for me. They were fantastic and incredibly welcoming.

— Tutor, Summer 2014

I am thoroughly enjoying my time with Yorchestra and it is lovely to be in such a friendly, full-of-activity and well-organised environment.

— Conductor, Summer 2014

A resounding success. The concert at the end of four days of intensive music was a reflection of the huge input of tutors and students, delivered with finesse, a light touch and humour. Amazing!

— Parent of Y2 players, Summer 2014

It was B’s first course and she absolutely loved it! Also, I thought the concert was excellent.

— Parent of Y3 player, Summer 2014

It was R’s first time playing in an ensemble situation and he was nervous to begin with. But when I came and heard the performance at the end of the day he was beaming with pride as I walked into the room. He had a great day and is very keen to come back to any future events.

— Parent of Y4 player, Summer 2014

Thank you very much for encouraging J & L to take part in the recent Yorchestra course. They both agree that the repertoire for Yorchestra 1 was both enjoyable yet challenging and the conductor’s charisma really motivated the players. They thought the sectional rehearsals were very effective in enabling tutors to spend time with a small group of players and made a significant difference to the quality of the playing of the orchestra when they came back together as a whole. J & L found that the structure of the day was well suited to the players of this age i.e. frequent breaks and a variety of groupings. It was definitely a worthwhile experience for them.

— Parent of Y1 players, Summer 2014

We would just like to express our thanks for the excellent course our son, J, has attended this week. This was his first experience of Yorchestra and he came along not knowing anyone and only ever having played in a strings orchestra previously. It was a pleasure watching him become more and more enthusiastic as the week progressed as he made friends and became more confident within Y2.

We thought the concert last night was amazing for so many reasons, the obvious fun the young people were having, the enthusiasm of everyone involved and the wonderful music of course. J has nothing but praise for all the tutors, for their kindness and direction. He has learnt so much from this week and his first words to us upon leaving the concert hall last night were ‘Can I come back at Christmas please?’ Thank you all for giving your time to make weeks like this possible and see you after Christmas!

— Parent of Y2 player, Summer 2014

Thank you for an amazing four days and an unbelievably brilliant concert. I am speechless! C & H enjoyed themselves so much; learnt loads and made new friends – a perfect end to the holiday. We will definitely be booking for December!

— Parent of Y2 players, Summer 2014

I would like to thank you and all of the Yorchestra community for another fabulous Yorchestra 4 day. I am always so surprised and delighted by the transition from nervous, shy child to confident performer, in just a few hours. J had a lovely time and although she is only little, was happily playing with the other children (in both meanings of the word).
 I cannot think how you can improve on excellence. 
Many thanks for all your hard work, we are truly grateful.