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Need to know about course fees, discounts, bursaries, or how to pay for your Yorchestra course?  Start here!

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Course fees

Yorchestra courses currently cost £50 per full day, or £45 if you qualify for the Early Bird discount.  First-time players automatically qualify for a 25% discount on top.

For information on total fees for the next Yorchestra course, click here: Course fees ▶︎

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Yorchestra currently offers three different discounts (Early Bird, first-time player, and “bring-a-friend”).

For more information on each of these, click here: Discounts ▶︎

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Bursary funding

Yorchestra has bursary funding to help with the cost of courses where affordability is an issue.

For more information on our bursaries, and a link to the bursary application form, click here: Bursaries ▶︎

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Making payment

For information on how to work out your total payment amount, when to pay, and how to send your payment, click here: Making payment ▶︎

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