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Please use the links below to apply for the Christmas 2019/20 course once applications open on 14 October.

Privacy notice:

Personal data provided on the online application form will be used for the purposes of enabling your child to take part in our forthcoming Yorchestra course, including ensuring your child’s safety and well-being whilst on the course. We also collect a limited amount of information intended to allow us to assess and improve the effectiveness of our outreach efforts as a charity. All information provided by you will be processed and stored securely in accordance with relevant legal requirements. For more details, see our full privacy notice.



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To apply for bursary funding, please fill out the separate bursary application form, available from our bursaries page.

Student-aged support players (SSPs) are players of Y1 standard who have left school and are eligible to play with Y1, up to the age of 21. These places are free, but players should note that they play a supportive role. Please complete this form to apply for an SSP place.

You should automatically receive a response email when your form is submitted.  The response email will be sent by Google Forms, rather than Yorchestra, since our online application form is powered by Google.  We recommend that you keep this email: it has a live link which will allow you to update the information on your application at a later date if needed.

 Help – I haven’t received my response email! See our FAQs page for reasons why this may have happened, and what to do.

Need to change something?

Visit our FAQs page for information on how to update your application form after you’ve submitted it.

Technical problems?

If you experience technical problems with the online application form, take a look at the relevant section of our FAQs page, which covers the most commonly encountered problems.  If this doesn’t solve the problem, please contact us giving details of the problem, and we will do our best to assist.